Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Port tomorrow...yay me

Tomorrow is the big port insertion. Really looking forward to more surgery. Anyway, on that sarcastic note, I must admit that I am looking forward to laying low tomorrow afternoon as I've definitely been burning it this week.

I received my medical reports today. I requisitioned them from the TBCC so that I could have my own copies of all of the diagnostic results. I found a number of interesting things and one troubling thing which I shall investigate this week. More on that if it is as troubling as I read it to be.

Last, I'm pretty annoyed with the Dexter guy. So he announces he has Lymphoma, says he's in remission and finishing treatment and that it was "fine" and that he's "fine". His comments from the post-Golden Globes interview seemed rather flippant if you ask me. It made me feel like he's telling the world that Hodgkins is no big deal as he was joking about it. Now, I am all for joking about it....just also give it some truth. You know, balance your comments. I'm sure that chemo wasn't a breeze for him. We don't need to know the details but at least please don't act like it was a walk in the park. Perhaps I'm particularly sensitive to this subject, but I just don't agree with minimalizing the disease. Ok, done. Stepping down from soapbox and into bed.

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  1. Hope all goes well with your port insertion today, Karla. I am sending you big, warm fuzzy hugs from Sidney! See you Saturday.