Monday, January 18, 2010

Last week was UP and down

Last week was a strange one. I felt really good right after my chemo on Monday. I even felt really good on Tuesday and got to see Anthony Bourdain (yay me!). Wednesday I felt a bit off but no nausea until late in the evening so I ended up getting to see Sidney Crosby play (we were offered tix in box seating so I thought it would be a "safe" way to see the game). Thursday though, was quite unpleasant. By Thursday afternoon my body was SO exhausted I could barely manage to keep upright. I felt headachey, nauseous, and annoyed. I hate how I was tricked into feeling good and then WHAM! Friday morning was ok but I was feeling better by Friday afternoon and even managed a slow, controlled work-out with my personal trainer. Saturday I felt sort of better and ended up un-decorating the house and tree (yes I still had the Christmas stuff up!) but by Saturday night I was crashing again and was totally exhausted on Sunday. I just wish that my feeling shabby had some sort of predictability to it. It's sort of getting me down, I'm a schedule kind of gal and this cancer business is messing me up. Additionally, I have to say it, I am really upset about Haiti. I mean, what did the Haitians do to deserve this earthquake? These people have been living in absolute squalor and poverty (the majority anyway) for years and years and then this. I think about the Haitians all the time, I really wish that money could fix the situation but I believe that the problem is much more deeply rooted than that. So excruciatingly sad.

Last week at chemo, one of my nurses was asking about the wig thing again. Apparently my hair will be departing any day fact, I just had a shower and had quite a load of loose hairs in my towel and in my fingers and in my comb afterward. Sigh. Anyway, last Tuesday I contacted the Wellspring place in Calgary who told me to contact "Compassionate Beauty" here in Calgary regarding wigs (I was thinking that I should at least start the research). The woman I spoke to at CB told me that I should come in asap so that the wig person could see my natural hair and that would make any future wig ordering much easier for colour and style. So Wednesday I stopped in (along with a good friend who had a spare hour in her busy day) and actually got fitted for a wig. I thought I was just going for a consult but I came out with a partial wig ordered, some fancy follicle shampoo, and a scarf. They also wrote down the wig that I'm likely to order when the supposedly inevitable happens. Admittedly I felt a bit shocked by it all. I probably wasn't even in the headspace (haha) for a full wig fitting appointment. I had intended to get a few people together for a wig shopping expedition and have some laughs while doing it. Luckily I still had a few laughs. I also had a few tears. CB is very good at what they do, this whole thing is just a bit rushed for me. However without further it is!


This was the wig used for the colour match ONLY! Anyway, I am still planning on buying a few "fun" wigs once my hair has fallen out and I've adjusted to the whole concept. By then I'll likely be in a better frame of mind for a fun night of wigging out!

Well, lots on my mind today. I also woke up with a sore throat that has lasted all day and a bit of "the shakes" all day. I am off to do my labs (and drive Addison to dance class) for my procedure on Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by.

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