Friday, January 8, 2010

Chemo Brain Already?

I think the chemo is affecting my brain already. I can barely remember all that has happened this week other than getting very annoyed that my port can be inserted until the 20th. That being said, I do recall having a cardio-pulmonary test on Wednesday afternoon in which I believe I showed normal results. I also know that I went to the gym yesterday for a work-out with my trainer because my legs and bottom are so sore I can barely get up from sitting or sit down from standing. I also recall that my 3.5 yr old had a major melt-down when I left for my appointment at 7:30am this morning. I think she's starting to notice how much I've been gone and that sometimes when I'm here, I'm not all that here (ie. so tired that I can only move like a slug). I feel terrible about it but I have to admit there is not that much that I can do for her. We went out for several hours together yesterday but apparently that's not enough for her. Sigh.

My appointment today went alright. S said my labs were superb but when I took a closer look at them I noticed how my white blood cell count, hemoglobins, and neutrophil were kinda low. I guess they'll just keep getting lower through this whole process. The whole thing is pretty interesting to me. Anyway S and I had a good talk, I only had a little cry, and in the end I was feeling pretty good about chemo #2 and the port insertion. I also got a few tips and prescriptions for managing my nausea and sleep issues. Hopefully some of this new information will make next week a bit easier. Heck, who knows, maybe I'll go out somewhere after all?!


  1. Don't worry about your blood level. It has to be above a certain level to receive the chemo... even if you thought it was low it must have been high enough for you to get the go ahead for chemo... hope that helps.

  2. And no pretty sure you don't have chemo brain yet... just stressed....

  3. Karla - I am so impressed with how positive you are staying - I know it isn't easy keeping up your spirits - good for you! Looking foward to being with you on the 23rd. Hang in there - love ya!