Sunday, January 31, 2010

Having a Dance Party

It's Sunday afternoon and the girls and I are having a dance party - this time with Christina Aguilera. Moments like these are good for my spirit and soul! It's good to take my mind off the here and now....and the next months ahead of us.

This week I felt pretty good except for Wednesday. I basically hermited (sp? or is it even a word?) in my bedroom for the day. I have to admit, it didn't make me feel any better to be a recluse and I think I started feeling sorry for myself, which in retrospect was a little pathetic. Thursday I pushed through and found that even though I didn't feel great, I felt better than when I was laying low. Again, the balancing act of trying to not do too much but still keep engaged in life.

On Friday I took Portia to the gym. I admit, I was extremely nervous. The port has definitely become more comfortable in my chest, especially since last Sunday. By mid-week this week I was able to lie on either shoulder and be comfortable, at least for a little while - progress! Anyhow, it turns out I can do more than I thought with the port in (and it's only been in a week and a half). We'll keep testing it, but with modifications we were able to work out most parts of my body.

The hair. Oh the hair. It falleth out. Here is a picture of two little friends I made, one last night and one this afternoon.

Gross, right? I've decided to chop it off into a pixie cut tonight although I've no idea how long I will be able to enjoy it; at this rate I will be bald by the end of the week! So far I'm dealing with it. I'll post a pic of the big chop later tonight or tomorrow.

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