Friday, January 1, 2010

Feeling "normal"?!

In some ways I feel like I will never feel "normal" again. I mean, I'm basically poisoning my body with the chemo, the anti-nauseants and the tummy meds, but today I am feeling pretty normal. Only a couple of waves of nausea this morning and that's it. It's a huge relief to know that I can participate in life again without feeling like I will toss my cookies! On a down note, my Mom and Dad left this morning to go back home. I am nervous about handling things without them here but maybe it's also the push I need to get back into life after taking a 3 day hiatus. Anyhow, just a short note for today, no update on my surgery next week, and looking forward to going to my last hockey game of the year tomorrow night with some good friends - last hockey game as it won't be worth the risk of infection going forward (big crowds and all).

1 comment:

  1. Wise do what you can WHEN you can. I assume you are a Calgary Flames fan? Hope you have a really super HD TV because then watching the games at home will really be a good distraction while you keep the germs of others at bay!

    Small pleasures = small victories, while the big victories take place in your body from the treatment. Thinking of you each and every day, with positive thoughts.