Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Insomnia Reigns

It's 12:31am and I really should be sleeping. I worked out today (at the gym!) and shovelled snow off of the driveway, cooked dinner, and ran errands. I should be exhausted and yet I am wide awake. I don't like this one bit!

The news of the week is that the port is NOT going to be "inserted" (as they put it) this week. They tried to book it for the 13th but I declined on the reasoning that I should not have to have more than one unpleasant procedure in a week (I have chemo on the 11th). SO, I am now scheduled to have it inserted on the 20th. I've also been informed that I am not getting anaesthetic for it. I consider this to be cruel and unusual punishment especially given my last "minor" surgery with my neck which turned out to be less minor than promised. Yes, I am grumpy about this bit of news.

Tomorrow I am going for a cardio-pulmonary test at the hospital. I was on the phone with S this morning and I mentioned to her that I've been having mild bouts of being short of breath after doing things. It's a weird thing because I am in pretty good shape cardio-wise and it also doesn't always occur. For example, I was rushing around the house this morning getting ready to go out and organizing a few things and I got short of breath, but I didn't get short of breath shovelling the snow. Very odd. I was out of breath for lots of my work-out but I sort of expected that to happen after not working out for 4 weeks. Anyway, I am off to get checked out tomorrow.

Friday of course is lab and check up day at the Cancer Centre and then it's the weekend! My Mom is coming on Sunday so that she can make fried chicken for my husband and also look after me next week. I'm a little bummed about a few things next week though - I got my husband front row seats to see Anthony Bourdain PLUS VIP tickets to the reception to meet him afterward. The event is on Tuesday so I'm not very confident I'll make it....ok there is pretty much no way I'll be up for it....(Bourdain is a chef and also has a travel/cooking show called No Reservations and we've eaten at his NYC restaurant Les Halles a few times). The other annoying thing I'll miss is the hockey game on Wednesday night when the Penguins are in town...really wanted to see Sidney Crosby play as I've not seen him live yet. Sigh. Friggin' cancer.

Well, perhaps the herbal remedy has now kicked enough that I will fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Perhaps not, but I am out of pertinent issues to speak of....g'night.

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