Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where to start....or Part 1 of the last few weeks

I guess I'll start back a few weeks ago when Miss Leanne came from Vancouver to visit me and accompany me to chemo...
Saturday, May 15th - Leanne arrived from Vancouver, Ron left for Aberdeen (Scotland). Us girls (me, Leanne and Leanne) got to go out for a fantastic dinner at Mercato (while Norma, my MIL, babysat for me) in Mission. I went out "bald" which is always an interesting experience. We had great conversation, amazing food, and I loved getting "out" as it hasn't been a priority as of late. Sunday the girls met for lunch and then a bit of shopping (again courtesy of Norma babysitting). We visited Sunday night over popcorn and was a great lead-up to my 2nd last chemo infusion.

So, here we are having a fun chemo session. Lots of magazines to flip through, yummy Good Earth lunch, and lots of laughs. Thank you Leanne, you made it go so fast!

Leanne left that night and I felt fairly well...and then I started to go downhill. It's amazing how much more difficult post-chemo has been getting. The lingering nausea and absolute exhaustion rendered me fairly useless for the week. No working out AT all and lots of sluggish behaviour. And I missed my husband. I was a more than a little pathetic. I did get some good news that week, my PET scan was scheduled for June 22nd.
Regular living took over on my "good" week, but I was still dragging. I managed 2 work-outs with my trainer but between those and doing some errands and regular life maintenance I still wasn't my normal self (whatever that is anymore). Also, there was a lot of build-up to the LAST chemo. Additionally, my head has been swirling around the "next steps" portion of my cancer journey.
I had my labs on Friday May 28th and interestingly my counts were low, neutrophils 1.7. This wasn't worrisome but continues to baffle me although I should know by now to expect the unexpected.

Here is the last mililitre going in...

And...that's it for tonight. So so tired.