Friday, December 18, 2009

A Very Quick Update

This is going to be a very brief update as I've had a very long day and need to get to bed asap. I will follow up with a more detailed entry on Sunday sometime.
My husband and I had our "big" appointment at the Tom Baker this morning. I actually found out yesterday (from the surgeon who performed the biopsy) that I have Nodular Sclerosing Hodgkin's Lymphoma which is also called "Classic" Hodgkin's. This is a relief as it is the most common form and most treatable. He also told me that the hard lump I am now feeling on my neck is likely a hematoma - basically old blood from the procedure which has pooled up under my skin - and will take 2-3 weeks to dissipate (euuuwwww). So today we were hoping to have the results of the PET scan as well but they were not in yet...should be early next week. Regardless, they have given me a treatment plan of 6 cycles of ABVD therapy which should be roughly 6 months of treatment (1 cycle is 2 treatments). Basically I will show up on a Friday, get my labs done and meet with the nurse/doctor and then on the following Monday I will have my chemo administered over a 2-3 hour period. After 14 days, you do it all again. More details on that later. We found out lots of interesting and somewhat scary information regarding the different chemicals and their side effects and also had a lengthy discussion regarding my immune system and infections. After all that talk we had a very brief tour of the chemo "lounges" and then we headed home. Oh yeah, and I got a prescription for a wig. Hmmm. Not exactly the "feel good" appointment I would have liked but sometimes you just need to hear the truth. I will write more on Sunday about the actual treatment and its administration, checkpoints, prognosis, etcetera. Now I need to pack my overnight bag for our trip to Banff tomorrow.
OH and last, we decided to defer my start date for treatment until the 29th of December so I can be ensured an "easy" Christmas; I didn't want to lose my appetite for turkey and the trimmings!

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  1. What the Blog Follower's definition is of NSHL:

    "N"ew "S"isterhood of "H"alcyonian "L"adies

    Our Creed: Power and Peace for Karla! while she emerges triumphant from treatments as SHE WILL!

    (so nobody has to look it up... Halcyonian = CALM)

    So here's my wishes for a calm Christmas filled with loving family.

    Love from Kathryn