Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1 down 11 to go!

I haven't had much to say lately about the cancer. Really, what could I say? However the anticipation of the last few days has been a bit rough...last night ('twas the night before chemo) was short and was not restful. The build-up to chemo today was also unpleasant with me at times thinking I was going to be sick....and I hadn't even made it to my treatment yet!
So we arrived at the Tom Baker at 3pm this afternoon for my first treatment. I was feeling very nervous, anxious, and sad and was definitely not the superhero I had intended to be. Nevertheless I got assigned Bed 5 and tried to get comfortable while waiting for my nurse by making nervous jokes and bundling up with warm blankies. My poor nurse today had to be the one to discover that my veins are absolute crap. So crappy that after 2 tries (in 2 different places on my right hand)she gave up and called another nurse in. Now, let me clarify, it's not that they couldn't get the IV in, it's that they couldn't get the pump to even go because the veins were just too small to get the fluid in. Not a good way to start. So they took my left arm and put in running hot water to try to encourage the veins out. Then they used the blood pressure machine to bring some extra pressure. Finally they found a good vein on the inside of my left arm just below my elbow. Success at last! However, I am now scheduled for a cath-a-port (port)to be surgically installed next week - yay, more surgery. Anyhoo, we got the iv in and got started on Kytrel (anti-nauseant). This was 15 minutes and not a big deal at all. Next the nurse came and injected me with the A and the B drugs. They were fine. Then I got a small bag of V. Also fine. Then they hooked me up with big Daddy D. 10 minutes in I started to not feel well. My colour drained out of me and I felt a pressure on my chest which was just strange. It wasn't super uncomfortable but I really did feel a weirdness which is hard to explain. Near the end (about an hour of drip)I started aching at the injection site and was so glad when the D was done, the line was flushed, and I could go to the washroom and then head home. I helped put the girls to bed when we got home, and then ate a big meal of shortribs and mashed potatoes. Clearly my appetite has not yet been affected (even though my mouth does taste odd). Anyhow, more information on the port and stuff later. Oh yes, and my doctor actually came and saw me today (I think because we said that we'd not talked to the doctor since my definitive diagnosis) and signed off on the port for me. I'm feeling like I'm not making sense anymore and it's time to crawl into bed. Sure hope the night continues to go smoothly. Thank you again for all of your letters, phone calls, emails, packages, and positive thoughts.


  1. I am so glad the first one is over!!!! Now you know what to expect and hopefully that will help with the nervousness... Getting a port is a good thing - it will alleviate a lot of unnecessary pain. So glad you were able to eat last night... keep trying and drink lots!
    Love yaah
    H :)