Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PET Scan Day

This morning I had my very first PET scan. For those of you not in the know, it stands for Positron Emission Tomography, and is the ultimate scan you can get for diagnosing cancer (among other things). It basically gives the doctors an idea of the level and areas of abnormal cell activity in your body by providing a coloured picture of your innards. The unfortunate part is having to get shot up with the "mildly" radioactive sugar which is what reveals the metabolic activity of your tissues. Hopefully I'll have some results when I meet with my Hemaetologist/Oncologist on Friday morning. Anyway, the tech who did my scan told me that I needed to avoid "handling" my kidlets for the rest of the day today although a goodnight kiss at bedtime was acceptable. I am also supposed to be drinking tons of water and flushing my system....the excitement never seems to end!
I want to thank everyone for the hopeful comments and wit -for some reason I've been unsuccessful in posting comments for my own blog....I'll keep trying though! I look forward to having a boatload of information after my meeting on Friday morning, including my full diagnosis and treatment plan. Until then.....


  1. Hey Karla
    Im just catching up on your blog. I am glad you are keeping us all posted....I haven't wanted to call too much...I had Steve call last week but we are sure you need some much deserved quiet time to heal, but please know we are thinking about you daily and sending you lots of healing white light. Can you feel it?

    We love you,

    Lana & Steve

  2. Hi Carla, We just wanted you to know we are hoping and praying for you and your family. The journey must look long, but know there are a lot of people cheering you on. My brother is doing his PhD in nuclear medicine- oncology. He works 10-12 hours a day fighting cancer. (I doubt that cheers you up right now, but know there are some great minds trying to end this.)Stay strong in mind, body and spirit. Hugs, Curt and Grace