Monday, March 22, 2010

A Long Week

Last week was to be my good week. It started on Sunday afternoon with finally having the courage to shave my hair down. It was actually pretty "easy" to do - Ron was more than willing to help and so was my oldest. My friends Leanne and Gord came over to help cheer me on and we celebrated by having a barbecue afterwards. A pleasant afternoon really. Here are a few pics:

Then, Monday morning came. I was by myself, with the girls, feeding them breakfast when a wave of nausea sent me running....I spent the rest of the day with massive stomach cramps and was getting very bloated and unhappy. I talked to S at the TBCC and we decided to see if it would clear up overnight....if not, I'd have to go in and get checked out. Of course, with my rotten luck, it was still bad on Tuesday so I set out for the hospital after lunch and ended up getting a bunch of tests and hydration. To help ease the pain they gave me some iv pain killers and anti-nauseants and then they sent me home with some meds to get better. Wednesday and Thursday showed little improvement in my discomfort and then Friday was lab day and they decided to rehydrate some Saturday I was starting to feel slightly better, although exhausted from getting little sleep at night.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I just started feeling better when I had my next treatment to look forward to (which I had today). Yay me! Sorry that I stayed quiet last week, I didn't feel much like talking....I will try hard to blog again tomorrow or the next day.

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