Saturday, March 13, 2010

Halfway Point?

Some have been calling my treatment this week my halfway point. I'm actually thinking that my real halfway point will be the 21st, just before my next cycle begins. Regardless, I'm just happy that I only have 6 treatments left. This week's infusion went very smoothly again - looks like I'm on a roll! My Dad came with me and got to experience the "high-end" cancer treatment as I got assigned a bed WITH a TV!! Seeing the Brier was on, it was rather nice for my Dad that everything worked out so well. I, amazingly, got a short nap in as well. Really, a banner excursion to the TBCC. Here is a pre-nap shot:

It was a pretty quiet day with only 80 or so chemo treatments booked. Service was job one!

As you may have noticed, I still haven't dealt with my hair situation. I guess I lost my nerve or something. However, tomorrow is the big day. It's funny, all week long my hair didn't really fall out and then today it started. My scalp started that funny aching (not sure if I've described it before, but if you've ever had a fancy up-do in your hair all day and then taken it out, that's exactly how my scalp feels) and sure enough the hair started to fly. Quite frankly, I've had about enough. Enough with trying to cover the bald spots. Enough with having to clean the bathroom after each blow drying. Enough with finding hair in my toothbrush everyday. Enough with thinking about it. Enough with cancer deciding when and how my hair will fall out!

The next question will will I work the new look into my life? Here is one crazy preview:

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