Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hair and a few other Things

For the people who can't see what's going on with my hair, I've provided a few photos to help you out. From a distance it looks pretty decent but as you approach, you can see the "air-conditioning" for my scalp that's been provided by several balding patches. Judge for yourself.

(Left side)
If I style it perfectly, it's not TOO noticeable but God forbid it's a windy day! I think it's bothering me more these days because of the front area. It's difficult to avoid seeing it everytime
I look in the mirror.
On Friday at clinic, I talked to the nurses about shaving it down (cropping) and they encouraged me to do it for several reasons, the most important to me being that it's an opportunity for me to take control of the situation. So much of what I am going through is out of my sphere of influence that this provides me with at least a small modicum of control (and being a type A personality this makes me a happy girl). I was planning to shave it down today but it looks like I might wait a few more days....maybe do it late Friday afternoon or something. I know it will definitely be in the next week.
My scars to me aren't looking great as of yet. Portia's scar specifically is giving me trouble - it's very itchy and I can see the supposed disovlable stitches are still hanging out under my skin. The excisional biopsy scar and the "wire" scar are super purple-y red. I guess my uber-weiss skin does not improve this aesthetic. Not sure if this pic I took with my BlackBerry does it justice...

The good news is that my labs were great on Friday (Neutrophils 1.4) and in 2 weeks I'll officially be at the half-way point of treatment. I also have a CT scheduled for April 8th so we'll know what's happening with all of my tumours (I'm assuming they are completely gone). My doc also mentioned that she will schedule me for a PET scan after my treatment is over. I was excited to hear that because they don't have to give me a PET, they could've opted for a CT. We'll see what happens, but one way or another I will get a PET, even if I have to go to Vancouver and pay for one. I really will want that peace of mind.

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  1. Maybe you wont's see this now or yet..

    But your scars are beautiful. Really. They mean so much. How far you have come. How far you are. How far you will go.

    Some day, some time, you will embrace these scars.

    Some day, some time, your girls will say

    My Mom is a Super hero...see...these are the scars from her battle with the ultimate villain.

    I know. Easily said from some one who has not been there, but wear these battle scars with pride, not shame. As there are many out there who could not bear them with such courage.

    As for the hair...personally, I think it looks good so far. But it is your decision.

    And as i have said before, if you want, I will shave with you. Just say the word.

    But if you decide this is too personal, I understand.

    Just know, I am willing to go through it with you if you need to.

    Just say the word.