Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh Eyebrows Where Art Thou?

I'm not going to say I've ever had a STRONG eyebrow or bushy caterpillars framing my eyes, but this is a bit ridiculous. There is hardly anything left of my eyebrows and, like most of the other hair on my body, it's fallen out in the most gradual fashion you could imagine. Again, not like I'm a super hairy person, but still, this is basically like having no eyebrow, and as you know, no eyebrow, no expression! I'm "ok" at filling them in with powder, but if they get any thinner, I'm not sure how I'll do it. The other curious hair-related item is that my armpit hair has apparently completely fallen out. This is strange because my leg hair is still growing (yet thin and slowly). I just don't understand (not that I'm exactly MISSING my armpit hair) but, what else is new?

This is my big sister Jo-Ann and I at chemo last week. Unfortunately for her, it was the LONGEST wait ever for a treatment (took over an hour before we were called) and we had a grumpy nurse. Other than that, we were allowed a mostly uninterrupted visit (rare since we both have little ones) which was a treat. Treatment actually went at break-neck speed and we were out of there fairly quickly.

This past week I really started to realize that I'm not bouncing back from treatment as easily as I did at the beginning. Not a shock but I once again cancelled my training appointment, napped a few of the afternoons and went to bed super early every night. The kids (ok the 4 year old) were exhausting at bath/bedtime, mainly because Daddy was in London this week. He's home now until Tuesday (when he goes to Toronto until Wednesday night) and then he leaves Saturday for Scotland. Sigh.

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